Plant Sources

Bonhoeffer Botanical Gardens does not transplant from the Wild as it would defeat the goal of restoring our area’s native plants; see: the Washington Native Plant Society’s Policy on Collection and Sale of Native Plants (“WNPS” is not a plant nursery).  To fulfill our goal of hosting over 800 native species via seeds, seedlings, and cuttings, we have been greatly assisted by:

Burnt Ridge Orchards, Inc.                         
432 Burnt Ridge Road, Onalaska, WA 98750 (360) 983.2873

Cistus Nursery                                                  
22711 NW Gillihan Road, Portland, OR           (503) 621-2233

Clark’s Native Trees and Shrubs                         http://www.none
13015 246th Street NE, Arlington, WA 98223  (360) 435-9473

Derby Canyon Natives Plant Nursery       
9750 Derby Canyon Rd, Peshastin WA 98847 (509) 548-9404

Fancy Fronds Nursery                                    
40830 172nd St SE, Gold Bar, WA 98251             (360) 793-1472

Fourth Corners Nurseries                             
5652 Sand Rd, Bellingham, WA 98226              (360) 592-2250

Fraser’s Thimbleberry Farm                       
175 Arbutus Rd, Salt Spring Is, BC V8K 1A3    (250) 537-5788

Friendly Natives                                                
466 Piper Road, Quilcene WA 98376                 (206) 387-5943

Inside Passage                                                  
Box 639, Port Townsend, WA 98368                  (360)385-6114

Lawyer Nursery                                                
7515 Meridian Rd SE, Olympia, WA 98513      (360) 456-1839

MSK Rare Plant Nursery (Krukenberg)  
20312 15th Ave NW, Shoreline, WA 98177     (206) 546-1281

Native Here Nursery                                      
101 Golf Course Drive, Berkeley, CA 94708   (510) 549-0211

NATS Nursery Ltd.                                        
24555 32nd Ave, Langley, BC V2Z 2J5              (604) 530-9300

Snohomish County Conservation District
528 91st Ave NE Lake Stevens, WA 98258     (425) 335-5634

WA Association Plant Materials Center
16564 Bradley Road, Bow WA 98232             (360) 757-1094

Woodbrook Native Plant Nursery
5919 78th Ave NW, Gig Harbor, WA 98335   (253) 857-6808

along with other NW nurseries.

To review our progress, look at Peter’s Cross.  It is a mortuary of the NW’s lost native plants (as markers are moved to the Garden site where and when we have confirmed specimens growing).  Cities, counties, states and the Federal government constantly denude the NW of its native flora. For urban liability concerns they cut down trees, plant non native plants by roadways to eliminate native insects/food sources (to control road kill), and plant fast growing, deep rooted non-natives for erosion control.  This joins the NW’s industrial deforestation with loss of top soil, asphalting, and planting of “Super Dougs.”  Planting of agricultural and ornamental crops joins inadvertent agricultural invasive species’ invasions (cranberry cuttings from the NE have brought 400 new plant types to Pacific County alone) and as the human population increases, so do the number of private collectors.  Quietly our native plants disappear.

The NW has a million rural residencies; if 1 in 100 planted a few native species in their front or back yards, individuals, not the government, could stem the tide of these extinctions.  And if you’ve read this far and are a member, please stop by in early 2018 and pick up your Golden Chinquapin seedlings; by the Year’s end we hope to have 404 plants growing here and there across Washington’s western counties, rather than the just the 4 plants we have found to date north of the Columbia River.