Religionless Christianity

The gardens are named for Dietrich Bonhoeffer, who from Cell 92 in May 1944 conceived the concept of Religionless Christianity.  70+ years later this term describes many Americans: God sensing people without much of a religious affiliation and seemingly without time to rest and/or contemplate.  The Apostles were religionless Christians; men filled with a fire to tell the Story, knowing death a certain and near outcome.   For some, it is not necessarily a bad thing – struggling with one’s faith without liturgy.

From his jail cell, Bonhoeffer wrote of archaic and antiquated traditions (that 70 years later have not changed).  The Freeborn Reserve is exploring both secondary learning (Freeborn College) and the recreation of a Confessing Church with a new Green Creed.  As our 2 champions for these Gardens said, “Someone has to start somewhere” and it is all about “how the coming generation is to live.”

Enjoy for a moment our area’s native plants, the art created by our neighbors, and the beauty found in Nature.  Take time to explore your faith and contemplate this “thing” called “life.”  We are all “human doing” things, rushing here and there.  One needs to pause and reflect a bit to be a “human being.”

Our deaths are a certain outcome; we will not always “be human doings.”