Native Plants

Bonhoeffer Botanical Gardens‘ target list of 837 native plant species (types: trees, shrubs, stream and symbiotic plants, grasses, vines, ferns and annual flowers) was created from a crosswalk of: Eugene Kozloff’s Plants of Western WA, Pecks’ Manual of Higher Plants, USDA’s NRCS PLANTS Database, the UofW Burke herbarium web list, Hitchcock and Arthur Cronquist’s Flora of the Pacific Northwest, and Wikipedia.  Gardens‘ kiosks are numbered 1 – 16, starting at the northern entry path; each kiosk providing zoo-like instructional plantings.  Except for rare exceptions (e.g. Flora and Joey’s “Iris in Glass”), plants in the Gardens have not been taken from the Wild (except for seeds).  Most all have been purchased from native plant nurseries; see Plant Sources).  416 plant species are now established, many with descriptive name plates.  Their locations are shown below in bold: kiosks (“K-##“).  421 species in grey have yet to be propagated.

Kiosk Type Common Name
K-10 Fern Adder’s Tongue
K-12 Grass Alaska Bluegrass 
K-03 Grass Alaska Brome 
K-12 Grass Alaska Oniongrass
K-08 Flower Alaska Wild Iris
K-04 Tree-Conf Alaska Yellow Cedar
K-04 Fern Alaskan Fern (non native)
K-15 Tree-Conf Alpine Fir
K-15 Grass American Dunegrass
K-07 Flower American Golden Dock 
K-13 Fern American Parlsley Fern
K-07 Shrub American Red Raspberry 
K-04 Flower American Sawwort
K-13 Flower American Silvertop
K-10 Flower American Speedwell
K-02 Flower American Vetch
K-01 Flower American Wild Carrot
K-12 Flower American Wintercress
K-13 Stream Andean Watermilfoil
K-09 Fern Anderson’s Sword-Fern
K-07 Flower Annual Agoseris
K-14 Shrub Arroyo Willow
K-15 Flower Attenuate Indian Paintbrush
K-06 Flower Babystars
K-07 Flower Baneberry
K-14 Shrub Barclay’s Willow 
K-12 Grass Beach Bluegrass
K-08 Stream Beach Knotweed
K-08 Flower Beach Morning-Glory
K-08 Flower Beach Pea
K-11 Stream Beaked Ditch-Grass 
K-16 Grass Beaked Sedge
K-13 Grass Bearded Flatsedge
K-12 Grass Beardless Wildrye
K-08 Flower Beargrass
K-15 Shrub Bebb’s Willow
K-11 Stream Beck’s Water-Marigold
K-03 Flower Bellflower
K-05 Flower Bicknell’s Cranesbill
K-04 Flower Big Deervetch
K-04 Flower Big Trefoil 
K-12 Flower Big-Leaf Lupine
K-04 Tree-Decid Bigleaf Maple
K-13 Flower Big-Leaf Sandwort
K-10 Grass Bigleaf Sedge
K-09 Tree-Decid Bitter Cherry
K-02 Flower Bitter Fleabane
K-03 Flower Bitterroot
K-12 Tree-Decid Black Cottonwood
K-02 Flower Black Eyed Susan
K-12 Be Careful Black Gooseberry
K-06 Tree-Decid Black Hawthorn
K-10 Flower Black Horehound 
K-15 Flower Black Vetch
K-06 Be Careful Blackcap
K-11 Grass Blackgirdle Bulrush 
K-03 Flower Bleeding Heart
K-15 Grass Blister Sedge
K-04 Shrub Blue Elderberry
K-08 Flower Blue Skullcap
K-11 Flower Blue Windflower
K-06 Flower Bluehead Gilia
K-12 Grass Bluejoint
K-04 Symbiotic Bluntleaved Orchid
K-13 Flower Blunt-Sepaled Starwort 
K-13 Tree-Decid Bog Birch
K-10 Symbiotic Bog Blueberry
K-05 Symbiotic Bog Laurel
K-11 Stream Bog Rosemary
K-11 Flower Bog St. John’s-Wort
K-15 Shrub Bog Willow
K-12 Flower Bog Yellowcress
K-12 Stream Bolander’s Rush
K-01 Fern Bracken Fern
K-10 Flower Bractless Hedgehyssop
K-11 Grass Breadfruit Bur-Reed
K-12 Flower Brewer’s Bittercress
K-05 Flower Brewer’s Mitrewort
K-07 Grass Bristly Sedge
K-01 Flower Brittle Prickly Pear
K-03 Flower Broadleaf Arnica
K-10 Flower Broadleaf Bluebells
K-02 Flower Broad-Leaf Lupine
K-02 Flower Broadleaf Penstemon
K-01 Flower Broadleaf Stonecrop
K-06 Flower Broad-Leaved Shooting Star
K-10 Symbiotic Broad-Lipped Twayblade 
K-16 Stream Buckbean
K-08 Flower Buffalo Berry
K-10 Flower Bugleweed
K-05 Flower Bunchberry
K-01 Symbiotic Buttonbush Dodder
K-12 Grass California Brome
K-11 Stream California Buttercup
K-08 Flower California False Hellebore
K-12 Grass California Oatgrass
K-03 Flower California Tea
K-14 Flower Canada Goldenrod
K-06 Flower Canadian White Violet
K-06 Flower Canary Violet 
K-09 Flower Cascade Calicoflower
K-14 Flower Cascade Canada Goldenrod 
K-12 Symbiotic Cascade Huckleberry
K-10 Shrub Cascade Mountain Ash
K-02 Flower Cascade Penstemon
K-14 Shrub Cascade Willow
K-08 Tree-Decid Cascara Buckthorne
K-12 Stream Cattail
K-05 Flower Celeryleaf Licorice-Root
K-16 Grass Chamisso’s Cottongrass
K-09 Flower Chaparral Willowherb 
K-02 Flower Chick Lupine 
K-02 Shrub Chokecherry
K-10 Flower Clammy Hedgehyssop
K-14 Flower Clasping-Leaved Twisted-Stalk
K-03 Flower Cliff Paintbrush
K-06 Fern Club Moss
K-04 Be Careful Clustered Wild Rose
K-08 Flower Coast Strawberry
K-14 Flower Coast Tarweed
K-05 Flower Coastal Boykinia
K-04 Flower Coastal Mugwort
K-08 Grass Coastal Saltgrass 
K-08 Flower Coastal Sand Verbena
K-14 Fern Coastal Wood-Fern
K-05 Flower Coiled Lousewort
K-10 Stream Coltsfoot
K-05 Flower Columbian White-Topped Aster
K-11 Stream Common   Waterweed
K-13 Flower Common Bedstraw
K-08 Stream Common Bladderwort 
K-03 Flower Common Bluecup
K-14 Grass Common Bulrush
K-10 Flower Common Camas
K-07 Stream Common Duckweed
K-03 Flower Common Gaillardia
K-07 Fern Common Grapefern
K-12 Stream Common Horsetail
K-02 Shrub Common Juniper
K-01 Flower Common Lomatium
K-13 Stream Common Mare’s-Tail
K-13 Flower Common Marsh Bedstraw 
K-12 Stream Common Rush 
K-08 Grass Common Spikerush
K-14 Flower Common Sunflower
K-12 Shrub Common Viburnum
K-03 Flower Common Whipplea
K-12 Stream Common Woodrush
K-07 Symbiotic Coneplant
K-07 Be Careful Cooley’s Hedge Nettle
K-13 Stream Coon’s Tail
K-10 Flower Cotton-Batting Plant
K-07 Flower Cow-Parsnip
K-02 Flower Cow’s Clover
K-12 Grass Creeping Bentgrass
K-10 Shrub Creeping Oregon Grape
K-12 Grass Creeping Velvet Grass 
K-13 Flower Crisped Starwort
K-07 Grass Curly Blue Grass 
K-11 Stream Cursed Buttercup
K-07 Grass Cusick’s Sedge
K-02 Flower Cutleaf Beardtongue
K-16 Flower Cutleaf Daisy
K-11 Flower Cutleaf Silverpuffs
K-08 Stream Dagger-Leaved Rush
K-07 Flower Daisy Fleabane
K-14 Flower Darkthroat Shootingstar
K-06 Flower Darkwoods Violet
K-02 Flower Davidson’s Penstemon
K-07 Fern Deer Fern
K-06 Shrub Deerbrush
K-08 Flower Deer’s Foot
K-02 Flower Deltoid Balsamroot
K-10 Flower Dense Flowered Willowherb
K-04 Grass Dense Sedge
K-04 Symbiotic Denseflower Rein Orchid
K-11 Be Careful Devil’s Club
K-11 Grass Dewey’s Sedge 
K-14 Shrub Diamond-leaf Willow
K-06 Flower Disc Mayweed
K-05 Flower Douglas Aster
K-01 Grass Douglas’ Grasswidow
K-08 Stream Douglas’ Knotweed
K-04 Tree-Decid Douglas’ Maple
K-04 Flower Douglas’ Spikemoss
K-13 Shrub Douglas Spirea
K-16 Tree-Conf Douglas-Fir
K-01 Flower Drummond’s Cinquefoil
K-14 Shrub Drummond’s Willow
K-08 Flower Dune Tansy
K-15 Shrub Dusky Willow
K-11 Be Careful Dwarf Bramble
K-09 Flower Dwarf Fireweed
K-10 Flower Dwarf Owl’s-Clover
K-06 Flower Early Blue Violet
K-05 Flower Eaton’s Aster
K-12 Flower Edible Thistle
K-02 Flower Elegant Brodiaea
K-10 Symbiotic Elegant Piperia
K-12 Flower Elephanthead Lousewort
K-10 Flower Enchanter’s Nightshade
K-08 Tree-Conf Engelmann Spruce
K-01 Grass Engelmann’s Spikerush 
K-08 Symbiotic Evergreen Huckleberry
K-06 Flower Evergreen Violet
K-10 Symbiotic Fairy Slipper
K-06 Flower Fairybells
K-11 Flower False Bugbane
K-08 Flower False Carrot
K-09 Flower False Lily-Of-The-Valley
K-09 Flower Feathery False Lily of the Valley
K-09 Stream Fennel-Leaved Pondweed
K-03 Flower Fern Leaved Desert Parsley
K-11 Flower Fernleaf Goldthread
K-11 Grass Few-Flowered Sedge
K-02 Flower Few-Flowerered Clover 
K-12 Flower Few-Leaved Thistle
K-15 Flower Field Chickweed
K-01 Flower Field Parsley
K-09 Stream Fine Leaved Pondweed
K-16 Fern Fir Clubmoss 
K-02 Flower Firecracker Penstemon
K-15 Flower Fireweed
K-09 Stream Flatstem Pondweed
K-06 Grass Floating Bur-Reed
K-11 Stream Floating Marshpennywort
K-09 Stream Floating Pondweed
K-11 Flower Foam Flower
K-03 Symbiotic Fool’s Huckleberry
K-14 Grass Foothill Sedge
K-12 Grass Fowl Manna Grass
K-10 Grass Fox Sedge
K-12 Grass Foxtail Barley
K-12 Fern Fragile Fern
K-13 Flower Fragrant Bedstraw
K-10 Flower Fragrant Popcornflower
K-05 Flower Fringecup
K-10 Grass Fringed Grass-Of-Parnassus 
K-05 Symbiotic Fringed Pinesap
K-08 Flower Fringed Redmaids
K-10 Flower Fringed Willowherb
K-02 Flower Fringepetal Kittentails
K-03 Flower Gairdner’s Yampah
K-03 Tree-Decid Garry Oak
K-14 Shrub Geyer’s Willow
K-03 Flower Giant Blue Eyed Mary
K-13 Fern Giant Chainfern
K-12 Stream Giant Horsetail
K-05 Flower Giant Mountain Aster
K-07 Tree-Conf Giant Sequoia (non native)
K-07 Flower Giant White Fawnlily
K-06 Flower Glacier Lily
K-06 Flower Goatsbeard
K-14 Flower Gold Star
K-10 Fern Goldback Fern
K-06 Shrub Golden Chinkapin
K-05 Shrub Golden Currant
K-12 Grass Golden Eyed Grass
K-15 Tree-Conf Grand Fir
K-15 Flower Grassy Tarweed
K-12 Grass Gray Hair Grass
K-10 Flower Great Blue Camas
K-11 Stream Greater Creeping Spearwort
K-04 Flower Greater Lotus
K-10 Flower Greater Oxalis
K-12 Flower Green False Hellebore
K-09 Grass Green Sedge
K-01 Symbiotic Greenflowered Wintergreen
K-09 Grass Green-Fruited Sedge
K-08 Grass Greensheath Sedge
K-12 Be Careful Gummy Gooseberry
K-04 Flower Gumweed 
K-04 Flower Hairy Arnica
K-10 Flower Hairy Evening Primrose
K-09 Flower Hairy Goldenaster
K-01 Symbiotic Hairy Manzanita
K-12 Flower Hairy Rockcress
K-12 Stream Hairy-Leaf Rush
K-03 Flower Harsh Paintbrush
K-03 Flower Harvest Brodiaea
K-04 Shrub Hazelnut
K-04 Flower Heart-Leaf Arnica
K-04 Flower Heartleaf Saxifrage
K-10 Symbiotic Heartleaf Twayblade
K-10 Symbiotic Hemlock Mistletoe 
K-09 Flower Henderson’s Angelica
K-01 Flower Henderson’s Checker Mallow
K-09 Grass Henderson’s Sedge
K-10 Symbiotic Hooded Ladies-Tresses
K-06 Flower Hooker’s Fairybell
K-15 Tree-Decid Hooker’s Willow
K-07 Stream Horned Pondweed
K-12 Flower Horseweed
K-07 Flower Howell’s Minerslettuce
K-04 Flower Howell’s Pussytoes 
K-12 Fern Howell’s Quillwort
K-06 Flower Howell’s Violet
K-04 Shrub Huckleberry Hawthorn
K-07 Stream Humped Bladderwort
K-07 Flower Hybrid Miner’s Lettuce
K-12 Grass Idaho Blue-Eyed Grass
K-09 Grass Idaho Fescue
K-09 Stream Illinois Pondweed
K-03 Flower Indian Paintbrush
K-11 Shrub Indian Plum; Osoberry
K-09 Flower Indian Rhubarb (non native)
K-12 Flower Indian Thistle
K-06 Symbiotic Indianpipe
K-14 Flower Inside-Out Flower
K-11 Fern Inundated Club Moss
K-10 Flower Ivy Speedwell
K-12 Flower Jeffrey’s Shooting Star
K-03 Be Careful Jimson Weed
K-10 Flower Joepyeweed 
K-13 Grass June Grass
K-11 Flower King’s Scepter Gentian
K-02 Symbiotic Kinnikinnick
K-09 Flower Kneeling Angelica
K-03 Symbiotic Labrador Tea
K-05 Fern Lace Fern
K-06 Fern Lady Fern
K-10 Flower Lanceleaf Figwort
K-02 Flower Large Flowered Agoseris
K-02 Flower Large Flowered Cryptantha
K-09 Stream Large Leaved Pondweed
K-11 Flower Large St. Johnswort
K-06 Flower Large-Flowered Collomia
K-04 Grass Largehead Sedge
K-04 Flower Large-Leaved Avens
K-12 Grass Lateral Sedge
K-11 Flower Leafy Beggar-Ticks
K-04 Flower Leafy Bract Aster
K-08 Flower Leafy Pea
K-09 Stream Leafy Pondweed
K-09 Flower Leafy Willowherb
K-07 Fern Leathery Grape-Fern
K-11 Fern Leathery Polypody
K-14 Shrub Lemmon’s Willow
K-08 Stream Lesser Bladderwort
K-10 Symbiotic Lesser Round-Leaved Orchid 
K-08 Fern Licorice Fern
K-11 Shrub Lingonberry
K-05 Symbiotic Little Pipsissewa
K-12 Flower Little Western Bittercress
K-07 Flower Littleleaf Miner’s-Lettuce 
K-05 Tree-Conf Lodgepole Pine; Shore Pine
K-03 Fern Long Beech Fern
K-09 Stream Longleaf Pondweed
K-15 Flower Longleaf Starwort
K-05 Stream Longroot Smartweed
K-13 Flower Long-Stalk Starwort 
K-09 Grass Long-Stolon Sedge
K-14 Grass Low Bulrush
K-10 Shrub Low Oregon Grape
K-09 Flower Low Saltwort
K-11 Flower Lyall’s Anemone
K-03 Grass Lyngbye’s Sedge
K-14 Tree-Decid Mackenzie’s Willow 
K-11 Stream Macoun’s Buttercup
K-01 Tree-Cross Madrona
K-04 Fern Maidenhair Spleenwort
K-05 Fern Male Fern
K-06 Symbiotic Many-Flowered Indian Pipe
K-05 Be Careful Mapleleaf Currant
K-14 Flower Maritime Goldfields
K-12 Grass Marsh Bluegrass 
K-09 Flower Marsh Cinquefoil
K-12 Stream Marsh Horsetail
K-11 Flower Marsh Jaumea
K-10 Flower Marsh Marigold
K-02 Flower Marsh Pea 
K-10 Flower Marsh Skullcap
K-10 Flower Marsh Speedwell
K-06 Flower Marsh Violet
K-10 Stream Marsh Water-Starwort
K-12 Grass Meadow Barley
K-03 Flower Meadow Nemophila
K-02 Symbiotic Media Manzanita 
K-15 Flower Menzies’ Campion
K-02 Flower Menzies’ Fiddleneck
K-12 Stream Mertens’ Rush 
K-05 Flower Merten’s Saxifrage
K-03 Grass Mertens’ Sedge
K-07 Be Careful Mexican Hedge-Nettle 
K-10 Fern Mexican Mosquito Fern
K-16 Flower Mexican Whorled Milkweed
K-07 Flower Miner’s Lettuce
K-05 Fern Mingan Moonwort
K-03 Flower Miniature Lupine
K-14 Flower Mission Bells
K-14 Shrub Mock Orange
K-14 Shrub Mooseberry
K-07 Fern Mosquitofern
K-16 Shrub Mountain Alder
K-11 Tree-Conf Mountain Hemlock
K-09 Symbiotic Mountain Huckleberry
K-03 Flower Mountain Tarweed
K-14 Flower Mt. Albert Goldenrod
K-10 Grass Mud Sedge
K-04 Flower Mule’s Ear
K-08 Grass Muricate Sedge
K-16 Flower Musk-Flower
K-10 Symbiotic Naked Broomrape
K-07 Flower Naked Miterwort
K-04 Flower Narrow Flowered Alumroot
K-15 Shrub Narrow Leafed Coyote Willow
K-11 Stream Narrowleaf Cattail
K-07 Flower Narrowleaf Miner’s-Lettuce
K-16 Flower Narrowleaf Onion
K-08 Fern Narrowleaf Swordfern
K-12 Fern Narrow-Leaved Quillwort 
K-12 Stream Narrow-Panicled Rush 
K-06 Flower Needleleaf Navarretia
K-12 Tree-Decid Netleaf Hackberry 
K-03 Flower Nettleaf Giant Hyssop
K-03 Flower Nevada Deervetch 
K-12 Shrub Ninebark
K-14 Tree-Conf Noble Fir
K-11 Flower Nodding Beggar-Ticks
K-16 Flower Nodding Onion
K-12 Grass Nodding Semaphore Grass
K-04 Be Careful Nootka Rose
K-13 Flower Northern Bedstraw 
K-05 Flower Northern Gentian
K-12 Stream Northern Green Rush
K-12 Grass Northern Manna Grass
K-12 Grass Northern Reedgrass
K-09 Flower Northern Star-Flower
K-13 Flower Northern Starwort
K-15 Shrub Northwest Sandbar Willow
K-11 Flower Nuttall’s Larkspur 
K-03 Flower Nuttall’s Peavine
K-12 Flower Nuttall’s Toothwort
K-03 Fern Oak Fern
K-04 Shrub Oceanspray
K-01 Flower Official Burnet
K-01 Flower Old Man’s Whiskers
K-08 Flower Olympic Onion
K-03 Flower Ookow
K-05 Flower Opposite-Leaved Tarweed
K-02 Flower Orange Agoseris
K-13 Vine Orange Honeysuckle
K-10 Tree-Decid Oregon Ash
K-13 Flower Oregon Bedstraw
K-12 Grass Oregon Bentgrass
K-14 Shrub Oregon Boxleaf
K-12 Flower Oregon Geranium
K-05 Flower Oregon Golden Aster
K-11 Flower Oregon Goldthread
K-08 Flower Oregon Iris
K-12 Flower Oregon Saxifrage 
K-03 Fern Oregon Spikemoss
K-01 Flower Oregon Stonecrop
K-12 Symbiotic Oval-Leafed Huckleberry
K-12 Grass Ovoid Spike-Rush
K-09 Flower Oxalis
K-10 Flower Pacific Anemone
K-05 Flower Pacific Aster
K-09 Flower Pacific Clarkia
K-10 Symbiotic Pacific Coralroot
K-05 Tree-Decid Pacific Dogwood
K-10 Flower Pacific Hound’s Tongue
K-11 Flower Pacific Onion
K-03 Be Careful Pacific Poison Oak
K-03 Symbiotic Pacific Rhododendron
K-02 Flower Pacific Sanicle 
K-14 Tree-Conf Pacific Silver Fir
K-11 Flower Pacific Waterleaf
K-05 Shrub Pacific Wax Myrtle
K-14 Tree-Decid Pacific Willow
K-12 Stream Pacific Woodrush
K-08 Flower Pale Bellflower
K-12 Grass Pale False Mannagrass
K-08 Flower Pale Larkspur
K-07 Stream Pale Smartweed 
K-14 Flower Parry’s Selene
K-05 Flower Partridge Foot
K-10 Flower Pathfinder
K-14 Shrub Peach-leaf Willow
K-12 Flower Pearly Everlasting
K-04 Symbiotic Phantom Orchid
K-07 Flower Philadelphia Fleabane
K-05 Flower Piggyback Plant
K-05 Symbiotic Pinedrops
K-08 Flower Pink Fawn-Lily
K-09 Vine Pink Honeysuckle
K-06 Symbiotic Pink Wintergreen
K-06 Flower Pioneer Violet 
K-11 Flower Pitseed Goosefoot 
K-13 Fern Podfern
K-12 Stream Pointed Rush
K-03 Be Careful Poison Hemlock
K-03 Be Careful Poison Ivy
K-03 Flower Poison Larkspur 
K-08 Stream Pond Lily
K-05 Tree-Conf Ponderosa Pine
K-06 Tree-Conifer Port Orford Cedar (non native)
K-12 Grass Poverty Oatgrass
K-02 Flower Prairie Lupine
K-02 Flower Prairie Plantain
K-05 Symbiotic Prince’s Pine
K-06 Shrub Prostrate Ceanothus
K-15 Flower Puget Sound Gumweed
K-16 Flower Purple Milkweed
K-16 Flower Purple Monkey-Flower 
K-12 Grass Purple Reedgrass 
K-13 Flower Purple Sanicle
K-04 Flower Purple Sweetroot
K-04 Vine Purpleflower Honeysuckle
K-01 Stream Pursh Seepweed
K-10 Flower PurslaneSpeedwell
K-13 Shrub Pyramid Spirea
K-12 Flower Quaker Bittercress 
K-02 Tree-Decid Quaking Aspen
K-12 Flower Queen’s Cup
K-06 Flower Raceme Pussytoes
K-10 Flower Rannoch-Rush
K-06 Symbiotic Rattlesnake Plantain
K-16 Tree-Decid Red Alder
K-05 Shrub Red Currant
K-04 Shrub Red Elderberry
K-09 Grass Red Fescue
K-05 Shrub Red Flowering Currant
K-09 Symbiotic Red Huckleberry
K-06 Shrub Red Stem Ceanothus
K-07 Flower Red Stem Miner’s Lettuce
K-12 Shrub Red-Osier Dogwood
K-11 Flower Red-Stemmed Saxifrage
K-07 Tree-Conf Redwood (non native)
K-08 Grass Reed Mannagrass
K-13 Shrub Resin Birch
K-09 Stream Ribbon-Leaf Pondweed
K-12 Grass Rice Cutgrass 
K-09 Stream Richardson’s Pondweed
K-13 Tree-Decid River Birch
K-09 Stream Robbins’ Pondweed
K-03 Flower Rock Clematis
K-03 Vine Rocky Mountain Honeysuckle 
K-02 Tree-Conf Rocky Mountain Juniper
K-12 Grass Roemer’s Fescue 
K-13 Shrub Rose Spirea
K-15 Grass Ross’ Sedge 
K-04 Flower Rosy Bird’s-Foot Trefoil
K-03 Flower Rosy Pussytoes
K-10 Flower Rosy Twisted-Stalk
K-08 Be Careful Rough Hedgenettle
K-11 Flower Round-Leaf Sundew
K-02 Flower Round-Leaved Kittentails
K-04 Symbiotic Royal Rein Orchid
K-05 Fern Running Clubmoss
K-04 Flower Rusty Saxifrage 
K-14 Symbiotic Salal
K-08 Be Careful Salmonberry
K-10 Grass Salt-Marsh Bulrush 
K-08 Grass Sanddune Sedge
K-08 Flower Sandmat 
K-01 Flower Sandweed
K-03 Shrub Saskatoon Serviceberry
K-11 Grass Sawbeak Sedge
K-04 Flower Scarlet Gilia
K-10 Symbiotic Scentbottle
K-02 Flower Scouler’s Popcorn Flower
K-11 Flower Scouler’s St. Johnswort
K-04 Flower Scouler’s Valerian 
K-15 Shrub Scouler’s Willow
K-11 Stream Scouring Rush
K-15 Flower Sea Purslane 
K-14 Flower Sea Thrift
K-04 Flower Seablush
K-16 Grass Seashore Bentgrass
K-12 Grass Seashore Bluegrass
K-08 Flower Seashore Lupine
K-02 Flower Seashore Plantain
K-08 Flower Seaside Agoseris 
K-10 Stream Seaside Arrowgrass
K-12 Flower Seaside Bittercress
K-02 Tree-Conf Seaside Juniper
K-13 Flower Seaside Plantain
K-09 Flower Sea-Watch
K-10 Flower Self Heal
K-10 Flower Sharp-Tooth Angelica
K-11 Grass Sheep Sedge
K-15 Flower Shiny Chickweed
K-12 Stream Shiny Rush 
K-11 Stream Shore Buttercup
K-13 Stream Shortspike Water-Milfoil
K-05 Flower Showy Fleabane
K-12 Flower Showy Jacob’s Ladder
K-01 Flower Showy Millkweed
K-01 Flower Shrubby Cinquefoil
K-10 Flower Siberian Springbeauty 
K-02 Flower Sicklekeel Lupine
K-06 Flower Sickletop Lousewort 
K-13 Flower Sierra Larkspur
K-08 Flower Silky Beach Pea
K-01 Flower Silverweed
K-08 Flower Silvery Beachweed
K-07 Grass Silvery Sedge
K-14 Flower Simple Campion
K-12 Grass Simplestem Bur-Reed 
K-16 Shrub Sitka Alder
K-04 Flower Sitka Mistmaiden
K-10 Shrub Sitka Mountain Ash
K-09 Tree-Conf Sitka Spruce
K-04 Flower Sitka Valerian
K-14 Shrub Sitka Willow
K-11 Flower Skunk Cabbage
K-06 Flower Skunkweed
K-14 Flower Sleepy Selene
K-10 Symbiotic Slender Bog Orchid
K-01 Flower Slender Cinquefoil
K-09 Flower Slender Clarkia 
K-03 Grass Slender Cottongrass
K-13 Grass Slender Flatsedge
K-12 Grass Slender Hairgrass
K-13 Flower Slender Phlox 
K-14 Stream Slender Rush
K-15 Flower Slender Stitchwort 
K-12 Grass Slender Wood Reed
K-03 Flower Slender Woollyheads
K-07 Grass Slenderbeak Sedge
K-04 Symbiotic Slender-Spire Orchid
K-08 Flower Slightstemmed Miterwort
K-12 Grass Slough Sedge
K-13 Flower Small Bedstraw 
K-08 Symbiotic Small Cranberry
K-12 Grass Small Fescue
K-04 Flower Small Flowered Alumroot
K-10 Symbiotic Small Groundcone
K-09 Stream Small Pondweed
K-05 Flower Small Tarweed
K-10 Flower Small Twistedstalk
K-12 Flower Smallflower Lupine
K-07 Flower Smallflower Trillium
K-15 Flower Smallflower Woodland-Star
K-16 Flower Small-Flowered Blue-Eyed Mary
K-11 Flower Small-Flowered Forget-Me-Not
K-03 Flower Small-Flowered Nemophila 
K-02 Flower Small-Flowered Penstemon
K-12 Stream Small-Flowered Woodrush
K-01 Grass Small-Fruited Bulrush
K-06 Flower Smith’s Fairy Bells 
K-12 Grass Smith’s Melica Grass
K-12 Flower Smith’s Pepperwort 
K-03 Flower Smooth Douglasia
K-09 Flower Smooth Willow-Herb
K-10 Flower Snapdragon Skullcap
K-13 Flower Sneezeweed
K-14 Shrub Snowball
K-16 Shrub Snowberry
K-06 Shrub Snowbrush Ceanothus
K-08 Grass Softstem Bulrush
K-10 Grass Sparse-Flowered Sedge
K-11 Flower Spear Saltbrush
K-01 Flower Spearleaf Stonecrop
K-09 Grass Spike Bentgrass
K-12 Grass Spikerush
K-10 Symbiotic Spotted Coral-Root
K-12 Flower Spotted Saxifrage
K-14 Flower Spreading Dogbane
K-07 Flower Spreading Minerslettuce
K-06 Flower Spreading Phlox
K-12 Stream Spreading Rush 
K-01 Flower Spreading Stonecrop
K-15 Fern Spreading Wood-Fern
K-07 Flower Spurless Touch-Me-Not
K-08 Stream Spurry Knotweed 
K-12 Grass Squirreltail
K-07 Stream Star Duckweed
K-10 Flower Starry False Lily of the Valley
K-13 Flower Stickystem Pearlwort
K-08 Flower Stinging Nettle
K-04 Be Careful Stink Currant
K-11 Stream Straightbeak Buttercup
K-11 Be Careful Strawberry Bramble
K-10 Symbiotic Stream Orchid
K-11 Flower Streambank Arnica
K-16 Flower Streambank Lupine
K-03 Flower Streambank Springbeauty
K-10 Symbiotic Striped Coral-Root
K-05 Stream Sugarstick
K-02 Flower Sulfur Penstemon
K-12 Be Careful Swamp Gooseberry
K-11 Stream Swamp Horsetail
K-07 Stream Swamp Smartweed 
K-04 Flower Swamp Verbena
K-15 Grass Swaying Bulrush
K-10 Flower Sweet Cicely
K-13 Shrub Sweet Gale
K-02 Fern Sword Fern
K-12 Flower Tall Agoseris
K-09 Flower Tall Annual Willowherb
K-10 Flower Tall Blue Lettuce
K-10 Flower Tall Bluebells
K-11 Flower Tall Bugbane
K-07 Grass Tall Mannagrass 
K-10 Shrub Tall Oregon Grape
K-12 Grass Tall Trisetum
K-06 Flower Tall Western Groundsel
K-12 Flower Tall Western Peppergrass 
K-07 Flower Tall Woollyheads 
K-12 Grass Tapered Rosette Grass 
K-08 Stream Tapered Rush
K-10 Flower Taper-Tip Onion
K-15 Flower Tarweed 
K-02 Grass Thick Headed Sedge
K-02 Flower Thimble Clover
K-06 Shrub Thimbleberry
K-05 Flower Three-Parted Miterwort
K-13 Stream Three-Way Sedge
K-12 Grass Tickle-Grass
K-03 Flower Tiger Lily
K-03 Flower Tilesius’ Wormwood 
K-05 Grass Timber Oatgrass
K-11 Flower Tiny Mousetail 
K-06 Flower Tiny Trumpet
K-12 Stream Toad Rush
K-02 Flower Tomcat Clover
K-03 Flower Tomie Star Tulip
K-07 Fern Toothed Wood Fern
K-12 Flower Tower Rockcress
K-05 Be Careful Trailing Black Currant
K-04 Be Careful Trailing Blackberry
K-13 Flower Trailing Pearlwort
K-16 Flower Trailing Snowberry
K-07 Flower Trillium
K-12 Grass Tufted Hairgrass
K-06 Flower Tufted Loosestrife
K-06 Grass Tule 
K-01 Shrub Twinberry
K-06 Flower Twinflower
K-13 Flower Twinleaf Bedstraw
K-09 Flower Twisted Suncup
K-10 Stream Twoheaded Water-Starwort
K-06 Flower Vanilla Leaf
K-15 Shrub Variable Leaf Willow
K-09 Stream Variableleaf Pondweed
K-06 Flower Varied-Leaf Collomia
K-12 Stream Variegated Scouringrush
K-03 Flower Varileaf Phacelia
K-08 Flower Venus’ Looking-Glass
K-02 Flower Venus Penstemon
K-04 Tree-Decid Vine Maple
K-11 Flower Virginia Strawberry
K-03 Fern Wallace’s Spikemoss
K-13 Stream Wapato
K-11 Stream Water Buttercup
K-07 Stream Water Chickweed
K-10 Stream Water Horehound
K-10 Stream Water Lobelia
K-04 Stream Water Moss
K-10 Stream Water Mudwort
K-12 Stream Water Parsley
K-14 Stream Water Plantain
K-10 Stream Water Purslane
K-01 Stream Water Pygmyweed
K-03 Grass Water Sedge
K-07 Stream Water Smartweed 
K-10 Stream Water-Parsnip
K-11 Stream Watershield
K-07 Stream Wavy Water-Nymph
K-03 Shrub Western Azalea (non native)
K-16 Flower Western Blue Flag Iris
K-14 Flower Western Blue Flax
K-02 Shrub Western Burning Bush
K-11 Stream Western Buttercup
K-07 Fern Western Clubmoss
K-09 Flower Western Columbine
K-15 Flower Western Coneflower
K-04 Flower Western Corydalis
K-11 Tree-Decid Western Crabapple
K-07 Flower Western Dock 
K-10 Symbiotic Western Dwarf Mistletoe
K-07 Flower Western Featherbells
K-12 Grass Western Fescue
K-04 Flower Western Golden Saxifrage
K-03 Flower Western Golden top
K-11 Flower Western Grasswort
K-10 Tree-Conf Western Hemlock
K-02 Tree-Conf Western Juniper
K-03 Symbiotic Western Labrador Tea
K-01 Tree-Cross Western Larch
K-16 Fern Western Maidenhair Fern
K-04 Flower Western Meadow Aster
K-12 Flower Western Meadow Rue
K-13 Stream Western Milfoil
K-13 Tree-Decid Western Paper Birch
K-11 Fern Western Polypody
K-12 Fern Western Quillwort
K-14 Flower Western Rattlesnake-Root
K-03 Tree-Conf Western Redcedar
K-01 Grass Western Ryegrass
K-06 Flower Western Starflower
K-12 Flower Western Wallflower
K-12 Be Careful Western Water Hemlock
K-11 Stream Western Waterweed
K-09 Flower Western White Clematis
K-05 Tree-Conf Western White Pine
K-12 Flower Western Yellowcress
K-16 Tree-Decid White Alder
K-04 Flower White Avalanche-Lily
K-14 Grass White Beaksedge
K-08 Flower White Brodiaea
K-03 Symbiotic White Rhododendron
K-13 Shrub White Spirea
K-05 Tree-Conf Whitebark Pine
K-10 Symbiotic Whiteflower Rein Orchid
K-05 Flower White-Flowered Hawkweed
K-02 Flower Whitetip Clover
K-05 Symbiotic White-Veined Wintergreen
K-04 Flower WholeleafSaxifrage 
K-13 Stream Whorl-Leaf Watermilfoil
K-07 Flower Wild Chives
K-05 Flower Wild Geranium
K-07 Flower Wild Ginger
K-10 Flower Wild Mint
K-07 Flower Windflower
K-15 Flower Winged Sandspurs
K-16 Flower Wing-Stem Monkey-Flower
K-04 Be Careful Wood Rose
K-07 Flower Woodland Beard-Tongue
K-11 Stream Woodland Buttercup
K-04 Flower Woodland Phacelia
K-11 Flower Woodland Strawberry
K-07 Symbiotic Woodnymph
K-15 Grass Woodrush Sedge
K-08 Flower Woolly Breeches 
K-02 Flower Woolly Sunflower
K-14 Flower Yarrow
K-04 Symbiotic Yellow Coralroot 
K-07 Flower Yellow Dock
K-11 Flower Yellow Marsh Marigold
K-16 Flower Yellow Monkey-Flower
K-01 Flower Yellow Rattle
K-04 Flower Yellowseed False Pimpernel
K-07 Shrub Yerba Buena
K-12 Tree-Conf Yew