Native Plants

Bonhoeffer Botanical Gardens‘ target list of over 1,000 native plant species (trees, shrubs, stream and symbiotic plants, grasses, vines, ferns and annual flowers was created from a crosswalk of: Eugene Kozloff’s Plants of Western WA, Pecks’ Manual of Higher Plants, USDA’s NRCS PLANTS Database, the UofW Burke herbarium web list, Hitchcock and Arthur Cronquist’s Flora of the Pacific Northwest, and Wikipedia.  Gardens‘ kiosks are numbered 01 – 16, starting at the northern entry path, working clockwise around the path & boardwalks; each kiosk providing zoo-like instructional plantings.

Here’s News:
March 15, 2017 was the 1st Washington Botanical Symposium; discussions included the changes to botanical classifications due to recent DNA findings, with over 50% of NW plants affected.  The UW is focused on changing names for a new edition of Hitchcock’s text (the UW owns the copyright), while OSU works on a 5 volume Oregon Flora Project rewrite of Peck’s work, the University California has Jepson’s Manual, and UBC has E-Flora BC, not to mention that both Canada and US national (USDA) Plants Databases are reacting … 4 state and provincial agencies and 2 national governments … with no coordination.  We may soon see 6 different names for the same plant!  More than a few of the plants below are found from San Francisco Bay to northern British Columbia.  It is as crazy as it gets!  Botanists, please!

Kiosk Type Name
K-01 Tree-Cross Madrona
K-01 Tree-Cross Western Larch
K-01 Symbiotic Hairy Manzanita
K-01 Shrub Chokecherry
K-01 Shrub Twinberry
K-01 Grass Douglas’ Grasswidow
K-01 Flower Brittle Prickly Pear
K-01 Flower Coast Strawberry
K-01 Flower Common Lomatium
K-01 Flower Henderson’s Checker Mallow
K-01 Flower Marsh Cinquefoil
K-01 Flower Mt Albert Goldenrod
K-01 Flower Old Man’s Whiskers
K-01 Flower Oregon Stonecrop
K-01 Flower Showy Jacob’s Ladder
K-01 Flower Shrubby Cinquefoil
K-01 Flower Virginia Strawberry
K-01 Flower Woodland Strawberry
K-01 Fern Bracken Fern
K-01 Be Careful Poison Hemlock
K-01 Be Careful Western Water Hemlock
K-02 Tree-Decid Quaking Aspen
K-02 Tree-Conf Rocky Mountain Juniper
K-02 Tree-Conf Seaside Juniper
K-02 Symbiotic Fool’s Huckleberry
K-02 Symbiotic Kinnikinnick
K-02 Shrub Common Juniper
K-02 Shrub Red-Osier Dogwood
K-02 Shrub Western Burning Bush
K-02 Grass Lyngbye’s Sedge
K-02 Grass Thick Headed Sedge
K-02 Grass Western Ryegrass
K-02 Flower Broad-Leaf Lupine
K-02 Flower Broadleaf Penstemon
K-02 Flower Cutleaf Beardtongue
K-02 Flower Davidson’s Penstemon
K-02 Flower Deltoid Balsamroot
K-02 Flower Miner’s Lettuce
K-02 Flower Prairie Lupine
K-02 Flower Sicklekeel Lupine
K-02 Flower Small-Flowered Penstemon
K-02 Flower Sulfur Penstemon
K-02 Flower Venus Penstemon
K-02 Fern Sword Fern
K-02 Be Careful Pacific Poison Oak
K-03 Tree-Decid Garry Oak
K-03 Tree-Conf Western Redcedar
K-03 Symbiotic Alpine Azalea
K-03 Symbiotic Labrador Tea
K-03 Symbiotic Pacific Rhododendron
K-03 Symbiotic Western Labrador Tea
K-03 Symbiotic White Rhododendron
K-03 Shrub Saskatoon Serviceberry
K-03 Grass Merten’s Sedge
K-03 Grass Slender Cottongrass
K-03 Grass Small-Fruited Bulrush
K-03 Flower American Bird’s-Foot Trefoil 
K-03 Flower Barestem Biscuitroot
K-03 Flower Bellflower
K-03 Flower Harsh Paintbrush
K-03 Flower Nevada Deervetch 
K-03 Flower Rosy Pussytoes
K-03 Flower Showy Fleabane
K-03 Flower Slender Cinquefoil
K-03 Flower Woolly Sunflower
K-03 Fern Long Beach Fern
K-03 Fern Oak Fern
K-04 Tree-Decid Bigleaf Maple
K-04 Tree-Decid Douglas’ Maple
K-04 Tree-Decid Vine Maple
K-04 Tree-Conf Alaska Yellow Cedar
K-04 Shrub Blue Elderberry
K-04 Shrub Red Elderberry
K-04 Grass Dense Sedge
K-04 Grass Largehead Sedge
K-04 Flower Alpine Miterwort
K-04 Flower Beargrass
K-04 Flower Canary Violet 
K-04 Flower Howell’s Violet
K-04 Flower Marsh Violet
K-04 Flower Scarlet Gilia
K-04 Flower Small Flowered Alumroot
K-04 Fern Alaskan Fern
K-04 Fern Braun’s Holly Fern
K-04 Be Careful Clustered Wild Rose
K-04 Be Careful Nootka Rose
K-04 Be Careful Wood Rose
K-05 Tree-Decid Pacific Dogwood
K-05 Tree-Conf Lodgepole Pine; Shore Pine
K-05 Tree-Conf Ponderosa Pine
K-05 Tree-Conf Western White Pine
K-05 Tree-Conf Whitebark Pine
K-05 Symbiotic Bog Laurel
K-05 Streams Bog Rosemary
K-05 Shrub Golden Currant
K-05 Shrub Pacific Wax Myrtle
K-05 Shrub Red Currant
K-05 Shrub Red Flowering Currant
K-05 Shrub Wax Currant
K-05 Grass Timber Oatgrass
K-05 Fungi Chanterelle Mushroom
K-05 Fungi Chicken of the Woods Mushroom
K-05 Fungi King Stropharia Mushroom
K-05 Fungi Lion’s Mane Mushroom
K-05 Fungi Maitake Mushroom
K-05 Fungi Matsukate Mushroom
K-05 Fungi Morel Mushroom
K-05 Fungi Oyster Mushroom
K-05 Fungi Shittake Mushroom
K-05 Flower Bunchberry
K-05 Flower Chick Lupine 
K-05 Flower Douglas Aster
K-05 Flower Pacific Waterleaf
K-05 Flower Partridge Foot
K-05 Flower Seashore Lupine
K-05 Flower Spreading Stonecrop
K-05 Flower Western Blue Flag Iris
K-05 Fern American Parsley Fern
K-05 Fern Male Fern
K-05 Be Careful Mapleleaf Currant
K-05 Be Careful Stink Currant
K-05 Be Careful Trailing Black Currant
K-06 Tree-Decid Black Hawthorn
K-06 Symbiotic Rattlesnake Plantain
K-06 Streams Pond Lily
K-06 Shrub Deerbrush
K-06 Shrub Golden Chinkapin
K-06 Shrub Prostrate Ceanothus
K-06 Shrub Red Stem Ceanothus
K-06 Shrub Snowbrush Ceanothus
K-06 Grass Floating Bur-Reed
K-06 Flower Broadleaf Stonecrop
K-06 Flower Broad-Leaved Shooting Star
K-06 Flower Glacier Lily
K-06 Flower Goatsbeard
K-06 Flower Rock Clemantis
K-06 Flower Silvery Beachweed
K-06 Flower Spreading Phlox
K-06 Flower Trillium
K-06 Flower Western Rattlesnake-Root
K-06 Fern Lady Fern
K-06 Be Careful Dwarf Bramble
K-06 Be Careful Strawberry Bramble
K-07 Tree-Conf Giant Sequoia (non native)
K-07 Tree-Conf Redwood (non native)
K-07 Shrub Hazelnut
K-07 Shrub Yerba Buena
K-07 Grass Curly Blue Grass 
K-07 Flower Baneberry
K-07 Flower Daisy Fleabane
K-07 Flower Fairybells
K-07 Flower Giant White Fawnlily
K-07 Flower Oxalis
K-07 Flower Philadelphia Fleabane
K-07 Flower Piggyback Plant
K-07 Flower Wild Ginger
K-07 Flower Woodland Beard-Tongue
K-07 Fern Deer Fern
K-07 Fern Toothed Wood Fern
K-07 Be Careful Blackcap
K-07 Be Careful Cooley’s Hedge Nettle
K-07 Be Careful Devil’s Club
K-07 Be Careful Rough Hedgenettle
K-07 Be Careful Salmonberry
K-08 Tree-Decid Cascara Buckthorne
K-08 Tree-Conf Engelmann Spruce
K-08 Symbiotic Cascade Huckleberry
K-08 Symbiotic Evergreen Huckleberry
K-08 Symbiotic Mountain Huckleberry
K-08 Symbiotic Red Huckleberry
K-08 Symbiotic Small Cranberry
K-08 Streams Cattail
K-08 Streams Dagger-Leaved Rush
K-08 Grass Idaho Fescue
K-08 Grass Reed Mannagrass
K-08 Flower Bitterroot
K-08 Flower Black Lily
K-08 Flower Bleeding Heart
K-08 Flower Buffalo Berry
K-08 Flower Coastal Sand Verbena
K-08 Flower Deer’s Foot
K-08 Flower Nettle
K-08 Flower Pale Bellflower
K-08 Flower Pink Fawn-Lily
K-08 Flower Silverweed
K-08 Flower Slightstemmed Miterwort
K-08 Flower Vanilla Leaf
K-08 Flower Venus’ Looking-Glass
K-08 Flower White Brodiaea
K-08 Fern Licorice Fern
K-09 Tree-Decid Bitter Cherry
K-09 Tree-Conf Sitka Spruce
K-09 Shrub Oceanspray
K-09 Shrub Thimbleberry
K-09 Grass Red Fescue
K-09 Flower Darkwoods Violet
K-09 Flower Early Blue Violet
K-09 Flower Evergreen Violet
K-09 Flower False Lily-Of-The-Valley
K-09 Flower Hairy Goldenaster
K-09 Flower Indian Paintbrush
K-09 Flower Kneeling Angelica
K-09 Flower Low Saltwort
K-09 Flower Marsh Marigold
K-09 Flower Northern Star-Flower
K-09 Flower Pioneer Violet 
K-09 Flower Western Columbine
K-09 Fern Anderson’s Sword-Fern
K10 Flower Sweet Cicely
K-10 Tree-Decid Oregon Ash
K-10 Tree-Conf Western Hemlock
K-10 Symbiotic Bog Blueberry
K-10 Symbiotic Oval-Leafed Huckleberry
K-10 Streams Coltsfoot
K-10 Streams Longroot Smartweed
K-10 Shrub Cascade Mountain Ash
K-10 Shrub Creeping Oregon Grape
K-10 Shrub Low Oregon Grape
K-10 Shrub Sitka Mountain Ash
K-10 Shrub Tall Oregon Grape
K-10 Grass Fox Sedge
K-10 Flower Feathery False Lily of the Valley
K-10 Flower Great Blue Camas
K-10 Flower Pacific Anemone
K-10 Flower Pathfinder
K-10 Flower Self Heal
K-10 Flower Siberian Springbeauty 
K-10 Flower Starry False Lily of the Valley
K-10 Flower Taper-Tip Onion
K-10 Fern Maidenhair Spleenwort
K-11 Tree-Decid Western Crabapple
K-11 Tree-Conf Mountain Hemlock
K-11 Shrub Indian Plum; Osoberry
K-11 Shrub Lingonberry
K-11 Grass Idaho Blue-Eyed Grass
K-11 Flower Bog Yellowcress
K-11 Flower Common Camas
K-11 Flower Foam Flower
K-11 Flower King’s Scepter Gentian
K-11 Flower Nuttall’s Larkspur 
K-11 Flower Pale Larkspur
K-11 Flower Round-Leaf Sundew
K-11 Flower Skunk Cabbage
K-11 Flower Spear Saltbrush
K-11 Fern Leathery Polypody
K-11 Fern Western Polypody
K-12 Tree-Decid Black Cottonwood
K-12 Tree-Conf Yew
K-12 Streams Water Parsley
K-12 Shrub Mooseberry
K-12 Shrub Ninebark
K-12 Grass Northern Reedgrass
K-12 Grass Tufted Hairgrass
K-12 Flower Jeffrey’s Shooting Star
K-12 Flower Pacific Aster
K-12 Flower Pearly Everlasting
K-12 Flower Queen’s Cup
K-12 Flower Western Meadow Rue
K-12 Flower Western White Clematis
K-12 Fern Fragile Fern
K-12 Fern Ostrich Fern
K-12 Be Careful Black Gooseberry
K-12 Be Careful Gummy Gooseberry
K-12 Be Careful Swamp Gooseberry
K13 Flower Purple Monkey-Flower 
K13 Flower Seaside Plantain
K13 Flower Yellow Monkey-Flower
K-13 Vine Orange Honeysuckle
K-13 Vine Pink Honeysuckle
K-13 Tree-Decid River Birch
K-13 Tree-Decid Western Paper Birch
K-13 Streams Common Rush 
K-13 Streams Tapered Rush
K-13 Streams Wapato
K-13 Shrub Douglas Spirea
K-13 Shrub Pyramid Spirea
K-13 Shrub Resin Birch
K-13 Shrub Rosy Spirea
K-13 Shrub Sweet Gale
K-13 Grass June Grass
K-13 Flower American Sawwort
K-13 Flower American Silvertop
K-13 Flower Beach Pea
K-13 Flower Big-Leaf Lupine
K-13 Flower Blue Skullcap
K-13 Flower Fringecup
K-13 Flower Large-Leaved Avens
K-13 Flower Mission Bells
K-13 Flower Silky Beach Pea
K-13 Flower Spotted Saxifrage
K-13 Fern Giant Chainfern
K-13 Fern Lacefern
K-14 Tree-Decid Mackenzie’s Willow 
K-14 Tree-Decid Pacific Willow
K-14 Tree-Conf Noble Fir
K-14 Tree-Conf Pacific Silver Fir
K-14 Symbiotic Salal
K-14 Streams Slender Rush
K-14 Shrub Arroyo Willow
K-14 Shrub Cascade Willow
K-14 Shrub Drummond’s Willow
K-14 Shrub Gooding’s Willow
K-14 Shrub Lemmon’s Willow
K-14 Shrub Mock Orange
K-14 Shrub Peach-leaf Willow
K-14 Shrub Snowball
K-14 Grass Foothill Sedge
K-14 Grass Golden Eyed Grass
K-14 Flower Clasping-Leaved Twisted-Stalk
K-14 Flower Goldenrod
K-14 Flower Harvest Brodiaea
K-14 Flower Inside-Out Flower
K-14 Flower Leafy Bract Aster
K-14 Flower Sea Thrift
K-14 Flower Yarrow
K-14 Fern Coastal Wood-Fern
K-15 Tree-Decid Hooker’s Willow
K-15 Tree-Conf Alpine Fir
K-15 Tree-Conf Grand Fir
K-15 Shrub  Northwest Sandbar Willow
K-15 Shrub Bebb’s Willow
K-15 Shrub Bog Willow
K-15 Shrub Diamond-leaf Willow
K-15 Shrub Dusky Willow
K-15 Shrub Geyer’s Willow
K-15 Shrub Narrow Leafed Coyote Willow
K-15 Shrub Oregon Boxleaf
K-15 Shrub Scouler’s Willow
K-15 Shrub Sitka Willow
K-15 Shrub Variable Leaf Willow
K-15 Grass American Dunegrass
K-15 Grass Slough Sedge
K-15 Grass Tule 
K-15 Flower Cow-Parsnip
K-15 Flower Fireweed
K-15 Flower Giant Vetch
K-15 Flower Indian Thistle
K-15 Flower Longleaf Starwort
K-15 Flower Puget Sound Gumweed
K-15 Flower Rosey Plectritus
K-15 Flower Smallflower Woodland-Star
K-15 Flower Tiger Lily
K-15 Flower Western Coneflower
K-15 Fern Spreading Wood-Fern
K-15 Be Careful Trailing Blackberry
K-16 Tree-Decid Red Alder
K-16 Tree-Decid White Alder
K-16 Tree-Conf Douglas-Fir
K-16 Streams Buckbean
K-16 Streams Scouring Rush
K-16 Shrub Mountain Alder
K-16 Shrub Sitka Alder
K-16 Shrub Snowberry
K-16 Grass Beaked Sedge
K-16 Grass Chamisso’s Cottongrass
K-16 Grass Seashore Bentgrass
K-16 Flower Alaska Wild Iris
K-16 Flower Cascade Penstemon
K-16 Flower Mexican Whorled Milkweed
K-16 Flower Nodding Onion
K-16 Flower Oregon Iris
K-16 Flower Showy Milkweed
K-16 Flower Small-Flowered Blue-Eyed Mary
K-16 Flower Streambank Lupine
K-16 Flower Trailing Snowberry
K-16 Fern Western Maidenhair Fern