Freeborn Cemetery

Ancestors are honored here; their graves serve as inspiration to their families – we see it everyday with the people who stop by in silent remembrance.  Internment options –

  • traditional cemetery plots
  • cremation plots
  • columbarium
  • ashes scattering hill  (part of Bonhoeffer Gardens)
    Freeborn Cemetery Burials records, 1900 – the present.

IMG_2276Cemetery plots are available, 4’8” by 8’6” in size, located to the south side of existing burials. Iron stakes outline east-west columns.  Funds from plots at $1,200 are used for cemetery development.  Present church members may purchase lots at $800/ each; Friends of Freeborn (past members, individuals with family members buried, etc.) may purchase plots at $1,000. Smaller cremation plots (30% of these prices) are available.  Purchases have a 20% surcharge for the Endowed Care Fund.

Brass and copper (yellow metals) water containers and plaques disappear and are not recommended. For burial assistance, we recommend Stanwood Cemetery Association (360) 629-2101.  Their services include: opening and closing of graves, placement of cremated remains, and assistance with markers (Quiring Monuments) – everything except for the sale of the grave plots.  Services may be held in Bonhoeffer Hall, the Old Chapel, the Cemetery, the Living History Farm or anywhere within Bonhoeffer Botanical Gardens.

 Please contact us with any questions you might have.