Living History Farm

We have in place: 1880 cabins (ax hewn), a before 1900 church, Sunday school house built like a Norwegian longhouse, a cemetery, 100s of experimental Anne Belovich rose plantings, the start of a Holocaust Memorial, Northwest America’s only native plant garden and 2 unique Pilchuck Glass School Artists Museum collections: 100 Legacy Pilchuck Glass School Artists’ Signature Works and 27 years of Auction Table Centerpieces.  North of 300th, we own an ~10 acre farm where we are exploring (with the Norse Heritage Museum of Ballard) wagons that will display the range of pioneer shelters/huts/crafts/skills/history of the early peoples on the Freeborn Plateau.

If you walk the entire Freeborn Reserve Campus, begin the tour of 8 pedestal storyboards on this, the south side of 300th NW, then walking to the west.

Reserve Campus Introduction
Freeborn Missions in Haiti
Freeborn Cemetery
Children’s Park
Jewish Homestead
Gardens Introduction
Downstream Wastesite
When the State is Wrong

To your left and east on the north side of 300th NW,  read an additional 6 storyboards, again walking to the west. 

Living History Farm Introduction
Pilchuck Glass School Centerpieces
Reserves Historical Buildings
Reserves Restored Norse House
Native American Midden
John Hauberg’s Dreams

As in Bonhoeffer Botanical Gardens, a walk-around path will allow classes of students 4 minutes at each of 16 stations (with 2 minutes to walk to the next).  Outdoor course labs being planned include:

Pioneer SheltersFarm
1) Chinese Miner’s Cabin
2) Spanish Explorers’ Tent
3) Russian Trapper Cabin
4) Military Road Tent
5) English Remittanceman’s House
6) Japanese Farmer’s Minka
7) Haida & Tlingit Canoes
8) Armenian Refugees’ Tent
9) Czech Artist’s Studio
10) Town of Pilchuck Logger’s Cabin
11) Danish Hauberg
12) Gypsy Romani Wagon
13) Stillaguamish Salish Longhouse
14) Ku Klux Klan Tent & Stage
15) Jewish/Swedish Farmhouse
16) Norwegian Cabin
17) Pilchuck Glass School Treehouse

Essential Farm Crafts
1)  Carpentry
2)  Building a Shelter
3)  Iron & Brass Foundry Work
4)  Horse, Animal Husbandry
5)  Food Prep. – Drying/Smoking
6)  Food Prep. – Canning Fruit, Meat
7)  Food Prep. – Flour, Baking Bread
8)  Food Prep. – Cooking Wood Stoves
9)  Spinning
10) Weaving
11) Crocheting
12) Sewing, Leatherworks
13) Butchering
14) Water & Septic
15) Growing Food – Vegetable Gardens
16) Growing Fodder – Planting, Drying

Energy Sources Lab
1)  Wind
2)  Farm Amphitheatre (Field Kiosks)
3)  Geothermal
4)  Serfs
5)  Synfuels
6)  Steam Wood
7)  Gasoline & Kerosene
8)  Battery Acid and Osmosis
9)  Algae Biofuel
10) Waterwheel & Hydro
11) Peat
12) Whales
13) Coal Forging
14) Nuclear
15) Horses
16) Solar

History of the Pacific Slope
1)  US Dept Def, the I-5’s B-52 Runways
2)  Roman Roads & Exit 215
3)  First Nation while Rome Built
4)  The Far West – the Franciscans
5)  The Far West – the Russians
6)  The Far West – the English Americans
7)  Hudson Bay Co & the Mexican Decades
8)  Gold Rush(s) & the Oregon Trail
9)  Arbitrated Border 1846-no more wars
10) The Washington Territory
11) Mormon Communities – the Far West
12) Japanese Communities
13) Serfs (Chinese, Scandinavians)
14) WW I – Ku Klux Klan
15) WW II – Building a NAS for Heavies
16) The Western Flood with Global Warming

North Snohomish County History
1)  Area’s Extinct Area Animals & Plants
2)  after Native Americans’ 13,000 Years
3)  Chinese Laborers and Serfs’ Manpower
4)  One Room School Houses & Learning
5)  Japanese Farmers and Loggers
6)  Norse (aka Piute) Longhouse and Museum
7)  Freeborn Village & the Town of Pilchuck
8)  Tale of the Horse and Horsepower
9)  Russian Trappers, Water Travelers
10) English (1819-1846) Logging (1890)
11) Early Autos, T’s, and the Gasoline
12) Prohibition, the Saints-Working Women
13) Turning logging & mining into Farms
14) Windmill Hill and Nature’s Power
15) Dano Norwegians’ Flood
16) Turning farms into Suburban Homes

Stations of the Cross
1)  Laid in the Tomb
2)  Garden Amphitheatre Introduction
3)  Condemned
4)  Taking up the Cross
5)  The Fall
6)  Meeting Mary
7)  Help with the Cross
8)  Wiping the Brow
9)  The 2nd Fall
10) Women Weeping
11) The 3rd Fall
12) Stripped
13) Nailed
14) Suffers
15) Dies
16) Taken from the Cross