For Students

Students’ lab questionnaires vary by starting kiosk and grade level.  6 minutes are allowed to walk to 1 of 16 starting kiosks; then 4 minutes to review the focus plant and 2 minutes to walk (not run) to the next kiosk.  In 2 hours (10 minute introduction, 96 minute walk-around, 8 minute return) 64 observations will be made for a unique introduction to either:

  • NW conifers
  • NW broadleaved trees
  • NW smaller deciduous trees & shrubs
  • NW ferns
  • NW smaller shrubs & ground covers
  • NW butterflies & moths
  • NW native birds

A Cost of Field Trip Buses Scholarship Fund exists to cover these costs for qualifying Middle and High School field trips.  For more information, call: 360-305-2852.

See Kiosk Curricula for detail; and for our sponsors, outdoor lab classes exist for:

  • Early Pilchuck Glass School & Centerpiece Artists
  • Early Apostles
  • Memorial Holocaust (including Flossenburg where Dietrich Bonhoeffer died)
  • NW Snohomish County History  (in development,1 kiosk at the Living History Farm)

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