Confessing Church

The Confessing Church is built around a new Green Creed* and directly asks:

 If humans continue to poison and pollute the Earth and eliminate its plant and animal species, will they ever see Heaven?  Because if there are to be “restored bodies*,” Heaven will have air and water.  One need not be religious to be a Christian (Dietrich), or to think of a resurrection’s next environment, to ask if those who are to be “saved” will be allowed to poison and pollute Heaven as they have Earth?

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*Dietrich Bonhoeffer struggled with “an anachronistic” Apostles’ Creed where the German translation reads, “resurrection of the flesh.”  His lament (and his mentors’) was that the Creed, repeated since 390 AD relatively unaltered, did not take advantage of the Reformation and placed Christians at odds with scientific discoveries, the slow unfurling of tools that God discloses to allow for the salvation, not the destruction of mankind.