Conditional Use Permit Narrative

has been 4 years since we sent out 33,000 of these narratives to neighbors in northern Snohomish County.  We recently applied for Conditional Use for areas south of 300th NW  (post a 2nd Cultural Study that encompasses areas not included in the Gardens’ 2013 Conditional Use Permit Narrative.)  Until those permissions are granted, visitors enter under Washington’s Recreational Use Statue – RCW 4.24.200 & .210 allowing public recreational use including nature study and viewing or enjoying historical archaeological, scenic, or scientific sites on private, R-5 land.  A traffic study is being sought and we await questions from Snohomish County Planning Department for the materials already presented.

In working with the various Agencies (Federal, State, and County) to create the Freeborn Reserve, there has been an evolution of the proposed campus.  View the latest one-page summary: Freeborn Reserve CUP Summary -02-25-17.