The Freeborn Reserve hosts the NW’s only native botanical garden, a 72 Pilchuck Glass School Artists’ Legacy Collection, and a unique living history farm.

Interested in ecology?  The NW’s plant types include but 22 conifers, 36 broadleaved trees, 48 shrubs, plus vines, ferns , grasses  and pond plants.  View them all from a perfectly level 3/4 mile path circulating within Bonhoeffer Botanical Gardens.

Interested in history?  150 years ago the County Census tallied but 44 pioneers, all single men.  Exit 215’s restored buildings tell a 3-dimensional story that bests  textbook prose.

Interested in life?  Explore memorials for both individuals and hundreds, thousands, and millions sent to early deaths for their beliefs or because they were “different.”

Interested in the future?  Envision a proposed herbarium coffee shop, a Living History Farm, and a Northwest School of Design at Pilchuck that honor our ancestors.

Why?  As we become like Delaware where 1/2 that State’s native plants have disappeared, we fail to appreciate the gift of Nature’s balance; when we ignore an area’s history, we fail to understand its repository of values and lessons learned; when we fail to contemplate life or death, we accept secular meaninglessness and our Anthropocene march to man-made extinction.

Visitors enter, by invitation, under WA State’s Recreational Use Statues: RCW 4.24.200 & .210 allowing public recreational use, including nature study and viewing of scenic or scientific sites on private land. 


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