Interested in ecology?  Explore Bonhoeffer Botanical Gardens’ level paths, rainy-day
kiosks, and our area’s mass extinction story; view almost all of the NW’s native plants.

Interested in history?  View cabins built 150 years ago when the County Census listed 44 pioneers, all single men.  Study signature work of our neighbor Pilchuck Glass School’s Artists (1972 – 2014).  Stand over a scattered few of Dietrich’s Flossenburg ashes.

Interested in life?   Visit a memorial for individuals and the millions sent to early deaths in the last 150 years for their beliefs, indifference, or because they were “different.”

Interested in early education?  Our Sunday School on Weekdays program prepares youngsters for today’s kindergarten literacy boot camps (or gives them an alternative).

Why?  As we become like Delaware where 1/2 its native plants have disappeared, we fail to appreciate the gift of Nature’s balance; when we ignore an area’s history, we fail to train youth about what’s been lost and understand its repository of values; when we fail to contemplate life, we accept secular meaninglessness and the march to man-made extinction.

 Visitors enter, by invitation, under WA State’s Recreational Use Statues: RCW 4.24.200 & .210 allowing public recreational use, including nature study and viewing of scenic or scientific sites on private land. 

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